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Padmakumar Nair
Clinical Professor-Management
Office MailstopMail Box: SM43, Room No.: SOM 4.208 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-6264    URL Web Profile    Media Contact
 Professional Preparation
 M.S.Business AdministrationHeriot-Watt University1999
 Ph.D.ScienceUniversity of Tokyo1998
 Ph.D.EngineeringUniversity of Twente1993
 M.TechEngineeringIndian Institute of Technology1987
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Nanostructured Ceramics and Hybrid Materials

My research group focus our attention on understanding and developing functional nanostructured ceramics and hybrid materials. We bring together disciplines such as physical and solid-state chemistry, ceramic processing and materials science to enrich our understanding of the science of developing functional nanostructured materials.

In this endeavor we closely work with Dr. Yves Chabal's research group to utilize their expertise in solid-state surface science. The unique aspect of our research is that we use a multitude of characterization techniques such as XRD, DSC-TGA, AFM, FE-SEM, HRTEM, N2 Adsorption, IR, Raman, XPS, UV-Vis, etc. The work in our group has a direct impact on:

  1. Ceramic Manufacturing, by providing in-depth knowledge in areas such as particle packing, sintering, meta-stable-to-stable phase transformation during sintering and microstructure-precursor property correlation.
  2. Finding Alternative Energy Sources, by providing background knowledge for continually improving energy efficiency nanostructured titania-based composite-multilayered solar cells.
  3. Membrane Separation and Catalysis, by helping develop thermally stable systems for separation and catalytic applications.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation, helping research institutes and policy makers by providing insights on the process of conversion of invention to innovation in nanotech research.

We have ongoing collaborations with the University of Cambridge in the UK, the University of Twente in the Netherlands and the University of Tokyo. Our goal is to channel our research expertise in such a way that it benefits both our students and the materials and chemical industry.

Current / Recent Research
  • Learning process quality
  • Intellectual socialization and adaptation
  • Revisiting the knowing-learning gap from a network analysis perspective
  • Career decision-making and engineer-to-manager transition
  • Learning and cross-cultural leadership
Collapse Section Expand Section Publications
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  YearPublication  Type
Jeff Hicks, Padmakumar Nair and Celeste Wilderom, Murata Chemicals, pp. 269-274, Organizational Theory: A Strategic Perspective, Lester and Parnell, 2007, Thomson
Category: Organizational Theory: A Strategic Perspective
Book chapters
Jalajakumari Nair, Padmakumar Nair, Giel B. M. Doesburg, Jan G. Van Ommen, Julian R. H. Ross, and Anthonie J. Burggraaf and Fujio Mizukami, Pore Structure Evolution of Lanthana CAlumina Systems Prepared through Coprecipitation, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 83 [8]: 1942-1946, (2000)
Category: Journal of the American Ceramic Society
Peer reviewed
Jalajakumari Nair, Padmakumar Nair, Giel B. M. Doesburg, Jan G. Van Ommen, Julian R. H. Ross, and Anthonie J. Burggraaf and Fujio Mizukami, Sintering of Lanthanum Zirconate, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 82 [8]:2066-72, (1999)
Category: Journal of the American Ceramic Society
Peer reviewed
Padmakumar Nair, J. Nair, Anuj Raj, Kazuyuki Maeda, Fujio Mizukami, Tatsuya Okubo and Hiroyuki Izutsu, Critical Nuclei Size Effect in the Densification of Nanostructured Niobia Ceramics, Materials Res. Bulletin (34, 3, 1999)
Category: Materials Research Bulletin
Peer reviewed
Jalajakumari Nair, Padmakumar Nair, F. Mizukami, O. Oozawa, and T. Okubo, Microstructure and Phase Transformation Behaviour of Doped Nanostructured Titania, Materials Res. Bulletin (34, 8, 1999)
Category: Materials Research Bulletin
Peer reviewed
Collapse Section Expand Section Presentations and Projects
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
1997 1997 Pore-Structure Stabilisation of Nanostructured Titania Using a "Structure-Directing-Second Phase Stabilizer"
P. Nair, F. Mizukami, J. Nair, Y. Oosawa, H. Izutsu, K. Maeda and T. Okubo, IUMRA-ICA-97, Makuhari, Chiba, Japan, Sept. 16-18, 1997.
1996 1996 Strategies to Develop High Temperature Catalyst Supports and Ceramic Membranes
Padmakumar Nair, T. Okubo, M. Sadakata, J. Engell and A.J. Burggraaf, 5th World Chemical Engineering Congress, July 11-18, San Diego (1996)
1996 1996 Pore-Structure Stability of Sol-Gel Derived Titania Based Nanocomposites
Padmakumar Nair, F. Mizukami, and T. Okubo, IUMRA-ICA-97, Makuhari, Chiba, Japan, Sept. 16-18, 1997
1993 1993 Processing of Dense and Porous Nanostructured Titania
K-N.P. Kumar, Swedish Ceramic Institute (SCI), Goteborg, Sweden, 21st October, 1993
1993 1993 Nanostructural Evolution in Porous and Dense Nanostructured Titania Ceramics: A Precursor Engineering Approach
K-N.P. Kumar, Reference Group Meeting, Centre for Advanced Technical Ceramics, Riso, Denmark, 6th October 1993
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2003-PresentSenior LecturerSchool of Management University of Texas at Dallas
2003-Present,Academic DirectorThe Leadership Center, School of Management University of Texas at Dallas
1999-2002Technology Consulting  WC Consulting, USA & Japan
1995-1999Visiting Researcher  Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) and the University of Tokyo
1994-1995Research Technologist  Shell Research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1993-1993Research Professor  Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
1989-1993Research Assistant  University of Twente, The Netherlands
 Synergistic Activities
Professional Organization
Academy of Management

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 Additional Information
Presentation: For Critique to Construction: Toward a New Model for Management Consulting, Academy of Management Meeting, Hawaii, 2005

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