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Midori Kitagawa
Associate Professor-Arts Tech And Comm
Office MailstopMail Box: AT10, Room No.: ATC3911 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-2806    URL Kitagawa Midori's Webpage    Media Contact
 Professional Preparation
 Post-docVisualization SciencesTexas A&M University1994
 Ph.D.Visualization SciencesTexas A&M University1993
 M.A.Computer Graphics & AnimationOhio State University1989
 B.F.A.Fine Arts (Painting)Joshibi University, Japan1986
Collapse Section Expand Section Publications
  YearPublication  Type
Kitagawa, M, B. Windsor.  MoCap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture.  Focal Press, 2008.
Kitagawa De Leon, M. On line Amish game and its simulation of agricultural environments. Proceedings of International Symposium on the Restoration and Assessments of Agricultural Environments. Department of Education, Sendai, Japan, 17-19, 1998.
Category: Sendai
Peer reviewed
Kitagawa De Leon, M. Branching Object Generation and Animation System with Cubic Hermite Interpolation, Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation. 2, 2, 60-67, 1994.
Category: Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation
Peer reviewed
Kitagawa De Leon, M. Branching Object Generation and Animation System with Cubic Hermite Interpolation, Proceedings of NICOGRAPH '90, Tokyo, Japan, 161-170, 1990. 
Conference paper
Kitagawa De Leon, M. Visualization of Environmental Effects on Branching Objects, Proceeding of Resource Technology '90. Washington, D.C., 1990.
Conference paper
Collapse Section Expand Section Affiliations
Ph.D. Dissertation committee chair
Vanessa Paugh
Ph.D. 2010
School of Arts and Humanities
M.F.A. advanced project advisor
Phillip Car
M.F.A. 2009

Christina Lanning
M.F.A. 2009 Ph.D. student, UTD

Wei Wei Zhang
M.F.A. 2009 Ph.D. student, UTD

Jun Chi
M.F.A. 2008 Lecturer, UTD

Singkhum Khamonouane
M.F.A. 2008 Walt Disney Studio, Modeler

Joel Ladella
M.F.A. 2008 Invision Media, Graphic Artist

Patrick Dunnigan
M.F.A. 2007 North American Conveyor Co., Visual Database Eng.
M.A. advanced project advisor
Ming Ku
M.A. 2006

Jason Huang
M.A. 2006 Ph.D. student, UTD

Harold Leach
M.A. 2005 Marriott Vacation Club International, Production Artist
M.F.A. thesis committee chair/advisor
Matt Derksen
M.F.A. 2004 Rhythm & Hues Studios, Character Rigging Supervisor

Jean Halsuka
M.F.A. 2004 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY, Education Director

Kyoung Lee
M.F.A. 2004 Pixar Animation Studios, Lighting Technical Director

Vita Berezina-Blackburn
M.F.A. 2003 Ohio State University, Animation Specialist

Jun Oh
M.F.A. 2003 Samaritan's Purse, Motion Graphic Producer

Scott Sweringen
M.F.A. 2003 Electronic Arts, Game Level Designer

Ian Butterfield
M.F.A. 2002 Blue Sky Studios, Senior Materials Technical Director

Brandon Morse
M.F.A. 2002 University of Maryland, Associate Professor, Graduate Director

Yianni Yessios
M.F.A. 2001 Cleveland Institute of Arts, Assistant Professor

Clarke Stallworth
M.F.A. 2001 Savanna College of Arts and Design, Professor

Wooksang Chang
M.F.A. 2000 Chung-Ang University, Professor

Wobbe Koning
M.F.A. 2000 Montclair State University, Adjunct

Janice Braverman
M.F.A. 1999 Kentucky Center School for Arts, Instructor

Heath Hanlin
M.F.A. 1998 Syracuse University, Associate Professor

Neal McDonald
M.F.A. 1998 University of Maryland, Assistant Professor

Marla Mayerson
M.F.A. 1998 Youngstown State University, Assistant Professor

Janet Lucroy
M.F.A. 1997 Pixar Animation, Director of Photography

John Warren
M.F.A. 1997 Pixar Animation, Technical Director

Nathania Vishnevsky
M.F.A. 1997 DreamWorks/Pacific Data Images, Training Specialist
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2004-PresentCurrent Associate ProfessorArts and TechnologySchool of Arts and HumanitiesThe University of Texas at Dallas
2001-2004Associate ProfessorDepartment of ArtDepartment of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication DesignThe Ohio State University (OSU)
1994-2001Assistant ProfessorDepartment of ArtDepartment of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication DesignThe Ohio State University (OSU)
 Synergistic Activities
Synergistic Activities
I have been teaching and researching motion capture animation and the results were published in MoCap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture (Focal Press, 2008).

For the "Conversational Character Robot" project, I created a unique 3D facial rig that can be animated by key-framing and motion capture data.  In addition, I developed a method to extract the head motion from facial capture data to isolate the motion data of facial expressions.  Both of which were described in the book "MoCap for Artists."

I developed the Branching Object Generation and Animation System (BOGAS) which generates and animates branching structures, such as trees and plants, originally as my Master's thesis research.  I continued to work on BOGAS during my postdoctoral research and beyond, the results from the visualization projects conducted with BOGAS have been published on journals and at conferences, such as ACM SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Graphics).

I was a Co-PI for interactive multimedia instructional projects, "On-line Agroecosystem Database for Multimedia Teaching of Agricultural and Cultural Diversity in Holmes County, Ohio" and "Extensible Electronic Chemistry Study Resource," both of which were funded by the Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs Grant Program.  I developed an on-line interactive game that teaches Amish farming practices and culture with the funding from the Ministry of Education of Japan.  

2005-PresentHoudini software donation from Side Effects, Inc.40 licenses of Houdini Master and 120 licenses of Renderer$680,000Current
2004-PresentRenderMan software donation from Pixar80 licenses of RenderMan and six other related products (80 licenses each) from Pixar$110,000Current
2007-2008Conversational Character RobotHanson Robotics$24,825Previous
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 Additional Information
Service outside the university
  • Paper reviewer, Leonardo: Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technology, 2006 – current
  • Member, Media Forum Advisory Committee. Media Forum is a non-profit organization whose goal is to develop academic and professional opportunities in the digital content industry, 2003 – current
  • Jury member, SIGGRAPH 2010 Space Time Student Competition, 2010
  • Jury member, SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Best Education Papers. Selected papers have been published in Computers and Graphics: An International Journal of Systems & Applications in Computer Graphics, Elsevier, 2010
  • Reviewer, book proposal for CRC Press - Chapman Hall, 2010
  • Jury member, SIGGARPH Asia 2009 Educators Program. Reviewed and selected paper, panel, and workshop proposals, 2009
  • Reviewer, book proposal for Focal Press, 2009
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Japanese Liaison. Worked with the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee and Conference Committees to develop inter-organizational relations and activities, 1994 - 2007
  • Reviewer, SIGGRAPH 2007 Sketches and Posters, 2007
  • Reviewer, SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery, 2006
  • Reviewer, SIGGRAPH 2005 Courses, 2005

Special service contributions to program, school, or university
  • Guest lecture organizer, 2005 – 2010. The guest lecturers whom I invited to UTD include the following professionals: Brian Windsor (Motion capture specialist, The Ohio State University), Robert Lurye (Lead lighter, DreamWorks/PDI), Dr. Elisabeth Rega (Associate Professor of Anatomy, Western University of Health Sciences), Dr. Stuart Sumida (Professor of Biology, California State University at San Bernardino, Tim McLaughlin (Chair, Visualization Science Department, Texas A&M University), Scott King (Professor of Computer Science, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Crispin Freeman (Actor/Voice Actor)
  • Supervised Dr. Jo Takayama, visiting researcher in ATEC program, 2007 - 2009. The animations Dr. Takayama produced at UTD have been screened at international conferences and exhibitions, such as ACM SIGGRAPH Asia in Singapore, 5th Istanbul Animation Festival in Turkey, and ASIAGRAPH 2008 in Japan, contributing to the ATEC program’s international recognition.
  • Showcase organizer, 2006. Organized the first ATEC Showcase, a juried exhibition of animations, films, games, images, sounds, and interactive arts by ATEC graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Faculty advisor to the Student Animation Society, 2005 – 2007

University committees
  • Student Grievance Officer, 2009 - 2010
  • SACSCOC Academic Assessment Committee, 2006 - 2008
  • Campus Facilities Committee, 2006 - 2009
  • Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Executive Committee, 2006 - 2007
  • Distance Learning Committee, 2005 – 2006

School committees


  • Ad Hoc Committee for 3rd Year Review of Prof. Todd Fechter, 2009

Served on as a member:

  • Ad Hoc Committee for 3rd Year Review of Prof. Monica Evans, 2009
  • Arts and Technology Faculty Advisory Committee, 2004 - current
  • Advisory Committee for the School of Arts and Humanities / the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Motion Capture Laboratory, 2004 - current
  • Faculty Personnel Review Committee 2007 - 2008
  • EMAC Search Committee, 2008 - 2009
  • Art History Search Committee, 2008
  • Ad Hoc Committee for Granting Tenure and Promotion to the Rank of Associate Professor for
  • Dean Terry 2006 - 2007
  • Graduate Studies Committee, 2005 - 2008
  • Ad Hoc Committee for Mid-Probationary Review for Venus Reese 2005

Departmental administrative duties

SACSCOC coordinator for the ATEC program, 2006 - 2008. The following SACSCOC documents were prepared by Prof. Kitagawa for the ATEC program:

  • Faculty Roster: Qualifications of ATEC full-time and part-time faculty
  • Learning objectives of all ATEC courses
  • 2006 Program Assessment Plans for ATEC BA, MA, and MFA
  • 2006 Program Assessment Reports ATEC BA, MA, and MFA
  • 2007 Program Assessment Plans for ATEC BA, MA, and MFA
  • 2007 Program Assessment Reports ATEC BA, MA, and MFA
  • ATEC senior exit survey
  • ATEC graduating students exit survey
  • Self-study reports on ATEC MA and MFA

Animation curriculum coordinator, 2004 - Current
ATEC course schedule coordinator, 2005-2007

Personal Statement

Midori Kitagawa has been teaching and researching computer animation and motion capture as a full-time faculty member for the last 15 years.

The majority of her instructional effort at UT Dallas has been invested into the animation curriculum within the Arts and Technology (ATEC) Program in the School of Arts and Humanities. The animation curriculum is designed to prepare graduate and undergraduate students in the ATEC program for professional opportunities in the animation, simulation, and game industries, and academia.

Dr. Midori Kitagawa's current research interests are in motion capture and scientific visualization and her most note-worthy accomplishment in 2008 was finishing the manuscript for Mocap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture, published by Focal Press.

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