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Nicholas Raphael Gans
Assistant Professor-Electrical Engineering
Office MailstopMail Box: EC33, Room No.: ECSN 4.910 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-4341    URL Faculty Homepage    Media Contact
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Zemcik, Sandra
 Professional Preparation
 Ph.D.Systems and Entrepreneurial EngineeringUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign2005
 M.S.Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign2002
 B.S.Electrical Engineering and Applied PhysicsCase Western Reserve University1999
Collapse Section Expand Section Research and Expertise
Research Interests
  • Vision-Based Control and State Estimation
  • Mobile Robot Control
  • Nonlinear Control
  • Hybrid Switched-System Control
  • Computer Vision
  • Multi-Agent/Distributed Control and Estimation
  • Human/Machine Interaction
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  YearPublication  Type
D. Tick, A. C. Satici, J. Shen, and N. R. Gans, “Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Localized via Chained Fusion of Discrete and Continuous Epipolar Geometry, IMU and Odometry”, IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B, Volume 43, Number 4, 1237 - 1250
N. R. Gans, G. Hu, J. Shen, Y. Zhang, W. E. Dixon, “Adaptive Visual Servo Control to Simultaneously Stabilize Image and Pose Error,” Mechatronics, Volume 22, Number 4, pp. 410-422, June 2012
Y. Zhang, M. Rotea, N.R. Gans, “Sensors Looking for Interesting Things: Extremum Seeking Control on Entropy Maps,” Proc. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2011
N. R. Gans, G. Hu, K. Nagaragan, W. E. Dixon, “Keeping Multiple Moving Targets in the Field of View of a Mobile Camera,” IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Volume 27, Number 4, pp. Page(s): 822 – 828, 2011 
N. R. Gans, J. Shen and J. W. Curtis, "Selection Of A UAV Orbit To Keep Multiple Targets In The Camera Field Of View," Proc. IIEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control (ISIC), pp.807-812, 2010.
Collapse Section Expand Section Presentations and Projects
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
  Simultaneous Stability of Image and Pose Error in Visual Servo Control
Virginia Tech University (November, 2007)
  Vision-Based Control of Mechanical Systems
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University (February, 2008)
  Underdetermined, Vision-Based Control of Mechanical Systems
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Denver (April, 2008)
  Underdetermined, Vision-Based Control of Mechanical Systems
University of Florida Research Engineering Education Facility (REEF) (April, 2008).
  Balancing Mission Requirement for Networked Autonomous Aircrafts Performing Video Reconnaissance
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science, Duke University (January, 2009)
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2009-presentAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Electrical Engineering University of Texas at Dallas
2008-2009Postdoctoral AssociateNational Research Council/Air Force Research Laboratory Eglin Air Force Base
2006-2008Postdoctoral ResearchNonlinear Controls and Robotics Lab University of Florida
2002-2005Graduate Research AssistantRobot Motion Planning and Control Lab University of Illinois
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 Additional Information
  • National Research Council/US Air Force Office of Scientific Research Associateship
  • K. Kaiser, N. Gans and W. E. Dixon, American Control Conference, Best Paper of the Session FrC12 for the paper "Localization and Control of an Aerial Vehicle through Chained, Vision-Based Pose Reconstruction," 2007.

  • W. Dixon, N. Gans, M. Kaiser, Image-Based System and Methods for Vehicle Guidance and Navigation, Patent Cooperative Treaty No. PCT/US2007/76419, filed August 21, 2007
  • W. Dixon, N. Gans, S. Gupta, Passive Single Camera Imaging System for Determining Motor Vehicle Speed, Patent Cooperative Treaty No. PCT/US2007/83895, filed November 7, 2007

Professional Activities


  • • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
  • • IEEE Control Systems Society
  • • AIAA

International Program Committee Member

  • IEEE Int’l Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS): 2006
  • IEEE Int’l Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Associate Editor: 2007, 2008, 2009
  • IEEE/IFAC Int’l Conf. on Inform. in Control, Autom. & Robotics (ICINCO): 2008, 2009

Workshop/Invited Session Organizer/Lecturer

  • University of Johannesburg, Organizer and Lecturer at One Day Workshop, Vision-Based Estimation and Control, Johannesburg, South Africa, Nov. 2009
  • AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference (GNC), Organizer and Lecturer at Two Day Workshop, Vision-Based Control for Autonomous Vehicles, Chicago, IL, Aug. 2009
  • International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Presenter at One Day Workshop, Visual Observation and Analysis of Animal and Insect Behavior, Tampa, FL, Dec. 2008
  • IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control (ISIC), Invited Session Organizer and Lecturer: Current Topics Vision-Based Control, San Antonio, TX, Sep. 2008
  • AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference (GNC), Organizer and Lecturer at Two Day Workshop, Vision-Based Control for Autonomous Vehicles, Hilton Head, SC, Aug. 2007

Review Panels

  • National Science Foundation: Division of Information and Intelligent Systems

Publication Reviewer

  • IEEE Transactions on Control (TAC)
  • IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO)
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (TSMC)
  • IEEE Transactions on Controls System Technology (TCST)
  • ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control
  • International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)
  • International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)
  • Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems
  • European Journal of Control (EJC)Nicholas Gans Curriculum Vitae Page | 4
  • IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
  • IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
  • IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
  • American Controls Conference (ACC)
  • ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC)
  • IEEE Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARV)
  • IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (ROMAN)
  • International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS)
  • IEEE Potentials

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