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Manuel Quevedo
Professor-Materials Science & Engineering, Department of
Office MailstopMail Box: RL10, Room No.: NSERL 3.710 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-5714    Media Contact
 Professional Preparation
 Ph.D.Materials Science & EngineeringUniversity of North Texas2002
 M.S.Materials Science & EngineeringSaltillo Institute of Technology1998
 B.Sc.Chemistry and BiologyUniversity of Sonora1996
Collapse Section Expand Section Research and Expertise
Materials and Devices for Flexible Electronics            (University of Texas at Dallas)
While at the University of Texas at Dallas I have been working on the development, modeling and physical, electrical and chemical characterization of new materials and devices for flexible electronics. I'm currently supervising 3 Post-docs and supervising/co-supervising 7 PhD and 4 M.S students. I'm also the main mentor for 1 visiting faculty and 3 visiting scholars (1 year).

Advanced Materials for Silicon-based devices            (Texas Instruments/SEMATECH)
During my tenure at the Silicon Technology Development Group of Texas Instruments I was engaged in the development of alternate high-k gate dielectrics, alternative metal gate and shallow trench isolation technologies for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS).

Dielectric and Oxide Thin Films  (University of North Texas, USA and Universities in  Mexico)
During my graduate studies I was engaged in developing alternate gate dielectric materials for CMOS, including its growth as well as its physical and electrical characterization. I also developed II-VI semiconductor and transition metal oxides thin films for solar cells and thermo-chromic and electro-chromic applications.

Collapse Section Expand Section Publications
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  YearPublication  Type
AL Salas-Villasenor, I Mejia, MA Quevedo-Lopez. "Transparent and Flexible Thin Film Transistors with Solution-Based Chalcogenide Materials." ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology. The Electrochemical Society, 3(4), P107-P110. (2014)
Peer reviewed
Israel Mejia, Michael R Perez, Dewan L Kabir, Ana L Salas-Villasenor, Juan C Ramos-Hernandez, Manuel Quevedo-Lopez. "Enabling Hybrid Complementary-TFTs With Inkjet Printed TIPS-Pentacene and Chemical Bath Deposited CdS." Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on. IEEE, 61(2), 576-583. (2014)
Peer reviewed
G Lastra, MA Quevedo-Lopez, A Olivas. "Thin-Film p-type ZnTe Transistors by Photolithography." Chalcogenide Letters. 11(2). (2014)
Peer reviewed
Sergio R Ferrá-González, Dainet Berman-Mendoza, Rafael García-Gutiérrez, Santos J Castillo, Rafael Ramírez-Bon, Bruce E Gnade, Manuel A Quevedo-López. "Optical and structural properties of CdS thin films grown by chemical bath deposition doped with Ag by ion exchange." Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics. Urban & Fischer. 125(4). 1533-1536. (2014)
Peer reviewed
PA Luque, A Salas Villasenor, MA Quevedo-Lopez, A Olivas. "Effect of Hydrazine on ZnS Thin Films Over Glass." Chalcogenide Letters, 11(3). (2014)
Peer reviewed
Collapse Section Expand Section Presentations and Projects
Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
2009 2009 Low frequency noise degradation in 45 nm high-k nMOSFETs due to hot carrier and constant voltage stress

M.S. Rahman, Zeynep Çelik-Butler, M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, A. Shanware, A. and L. Colombo. "Low frequency noise degradation in 45 nm high-k nMOSFETs due to hot carrier and constant voltage stress" AIP Conference Proceedings 1129, pp. 263-266 (2009)

2009 2009 Low Temperature Integration of Hybrid CMOS Devices on Plastic Substrates
S. Gowrisanker, M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, H. N. Alshareef, B. Gnade. S. Venugopal, R. Krishna, K. Kaftanoglu, D. Allee "Low Temperature Integration of Hybrid CMOS Devices on Plastic Substrates" Proceedings of the 2009 Flexible Electronics and Displays. (2009)
2009 2009 Flexible CMOS and Electrophoretic Displays
D.R. Allee, M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, S. Gowrisanker, A. E. Avendano-Bolivar, H. N. Alshareef, B. 72 Gnade S. Venugopal, R. Krishna, K. Kaftanoglu "Flexible CMOS and Electrophoretic Displays" Accepted.  Society of Information Display International Symposium (2009)
2009 2009 Gate First High-k/Metal Gate Stacks with Zero SiOx Interface Achieving EOT=0.59nm for 16nm Applications
J. Huang, D. Heh, P. Sivasubramani, P. D. Kirsch, G. Bersuker, D. C. Gilmer, M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, M. M. Hussain, P. Majhi, P. Lysaght, H. Park,  N. Goel, C. Young, C.S. Park, C. Park, M. Cruz, V. Diaz, P. Y. Hung, J. Price, H.-H. Tseng and R. Jammy "Gate First High-k/Metal Gate Stacks with Zero SiOx Interface Achieving EOT=0.59nm for 16nm Applications" Accepted. Proceedings of the 2009 VLSI Technology Symposium. (2009)
05/2009 05/2009 Flexible Integrated Sensor Systems
D. Allee, M. Quevedo-Lopez, S. Venugopal, C. Balanis, B. Gnade, T. Jackson, H. McHugh, K. Baugh, E. Forsythe, D. Morton, "Flexible Integrated Sensor Systems" SOFIC 2009 Paper No. 3403 pp.1- 9. Proceedings of the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference. Tampa Florida. May 2009
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
09/2010-presentAssociate Professor  University of Texas at Dallas
08/98-06/02Research Assistant  University of North Texas, USA
07/03-PresentAdjunct Professor  University of North Texas, USA
06/04-12/06Member Technical Staff  SEMATECH
06/02-04/07Member Technical Staff  Texas Instruments, Inc.
04/07-PresentResearch Professor  University of Texas at Dallas, USA
01/06-PresentAdjunct Professor  University of Sonora, Mexico
01/2010-01/20131. Modeling, Development and Characterization of Alternate Electrodes for Flexible Electronics ApplicationsAir Force Office of Sponsor Research 187,500.00 for 3 yearsCurrent
10/2009-10/2010"Development of Super Capacitors on Flexible Substrates"Nano-Holdings Inc.165,000.00 for 1 yearCurrent
09/2009-09/20104. "Student/Faculty Exchange between UT-Dallas and Mexico, 2010"Conacyt, Mexico45,000.00 for 1 yearCurrent
09/2008-09/20093. "Materials Science of Flexible Organic Schottky Diodes Arrays"E-Smart Technologies.140,000.00 for 1 yearCurrent
09/2008-09/20095. "Student/Faculty Exchange between UT-Dallas and Mexico, 2009"Conacyt, Mexico140,000.00 for 1 yearCurrent
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 Additional Information
  • Co-Editor of the February 2011 MRS Bulleting Issue “Contacts for Nanoelectronics”
  • Chair of the XIX International Materials Conference in Flexible Electronics (2010, Cancun MX). Meeting organized by the MRS.
  • Co-organizer of the 2007, 2008 and 2009 advanced materials workshop in organized by the Mexican Materials Society.
  • Inventor Recognition award by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). Raleigh, N.C. USA. June 2003.
  • Best Doctoral Dissertation award by the College of Arts and Sciences. University of North Texas. June 2002.
  • Member of the Scientific Board. Nanoholdings LLC.
  • SEMATECH "Corporate Excellence Award" 2005
  • Inventor Recognition award by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). Raleigh, N.C. USA. June 2003.
  • Top 1% student in the Materials Science master programs (Institutes of Technology) in Mexico, June 1998.
  • Co-organizer of the 2007, 2008 and 2009 advanced materials workshop in organized by the Mexican Materials Society.
  • Member: America Vacuum Society (AVS).
  • Member: Materials Research Society (MRS).
  • Member: Society of Mexican American Scientist and Engineers
  • Member of Mexican National Research System (membership by invitation only)

  • Citation impact factor of 15 Based on the Science Citation Index Database
  • Attracted funding for ~US$700k in 2.5 years at UT-Dallas as Principal Investigator and more than US$ 1.3 Million as Co-principal Investigator.
  • Invited by The Editorial Board of Reports on Progress in Physics to write a review entitled: "Thin-film transistors based on organic materials". To be published 2009.
  • Teaching experience at the graduate level (3 courses)
  • Invented/co-invented 5 issued US patents and 4 more pending
  • More than 30 invited presentations at international conferences
  • Liaison/Advisor for the US-Mexico student exchange program between
  • Author of one book chapter



  1. US 6,933,235. M. A. Quevedo-Lopez, Robert M. Wallace, Mohamed El Bouanani, and Bruce Gnade. Method for removing contaminants on a substrate 
  2. US 6,809,370. L. Colombo, J. J. Chambers, M. Visokay, M. A. Quevedo-Lopez and A.L.P. Rotondaro. High-k gate dielectric with uniform nitrogen profile and methods for making the same 
  3. US 7,045,436. Chatterjee; Amitava, Tsao; Alwin, M. A. Quevedo-Lopez, Yoon; Jong, Tang Shaoping. Method to engineer the inverse narrow width effect (INWE) in CMOS technology using shallow trench isolation (STI) 
  4. US 7,115,530. M. A. Quevedo-Lopez, J. J. Chambers, L. Colombo, M. Visokay. “Top surface roughness reduction of high-k dielectric materials using plasma based processes 
  5. US 7,199,021. M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, L. Olsen and J. Chambers. Methods and systems to mitigate etch stop clipping for shallow trench isolation fabrication  
  1. 20080242114. M.A. Quevedo-Lopez and H. Alshareef. Thermal Anneal Method For A High-K Dielectric 
  2. 20080237604. H. Alshareef and M.A. Quevedo-Lopez. Plasma Nitrided Gate Oxide, High-K Metal Gate Based Cmos Device 
  3. 20080157264. J. Zhao, M.A. Quevedo-Lopez, L. H. Breaux. Shallow trench isolation devices and methods 
  4. 20060284173. M.A. Quevedo-Lopez and Y.S. Chang. Method to test shallow trench isolation fill capability

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