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Harabagiu, Sanda MariaHarabagiu, Sanda Maria
Associate Professor-Computer Science
Harrison, Herman WHarrison, Herman W
Senior Lecturer I-Computer Science
Hart, RobertHart, Robert
Senior Lecturer II-Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, design of experimental facilities, microfluidics, microfabrication techniques, engineering education.
Hassanipour, FatemehHassanipour, Fatemeh
Assistant Professor-Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: Heat transfer and Fluid mechanics with applications in energy conservation, storage, and management, electronic cooling, health and bioengineering (modeling and simulation of biomechanical systems)....
Helms, Charles RHelms, Charles R
Research Scientist-Electrical Engineering, Department of
Henderson, Rashaunda MHenderson, Rashaunda M
Assistant Professor-Electrical Engineering
Hilkert, JamesHilkert, James
Senior Lecturer III-Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: Control systems and dynamics. Mechatronics, precision mechanism and electro-mechanical systems design. Configuration, design and analysis of inertially stabilized pointing and tracking systems and ine...
Hinkle, Christopher LHinkle, Christopher L
Assistant Professor-Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Hsu, Julia W.P.Hsu, Julia W.P.
Professor-Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Hu, Wenchuang (Walter)Hu, Wenchuang (Walter)
Associate Professor-Electrical Engineering
Huynh, Dung THuynh, Dung T
Professor-Computer Science
Jafari, RoozbehJafari, Roozbeh
Associate Professor-Electrical Engineering
Jue, Jason PJue, Jason P
Professor-Computer Science
Kantarcioglu, MuratKantarcioglu, Murat
Associate Professor-Computer Science
Karrah, Shyam SKarrah, Shyam S
Senior Lecturer II-Computer Science
Kehtarnavaz, NasserKehtarnavaz, Nasser
Erik Jonsson Distinguished Professor
Khan, Latifur RahmanKhan, Latifur Rahman
Professor-Computer Science
Kiasaleh, KamranKiasaleh, Kamran
Professor-Electrical Engineering
Kim, JiyoungKim, Jiyoung
Professor-Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Kluzniak, FeliksKluzniak, Feliks
Senior Lecturer I-Computer Science
Keywords: Logic programming, programming methodology, languages and compilers, declarative programming.
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