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Herve Abdi
Professor-Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Office MailstopGR4.1, Room No.: GR4216 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-2065    URL Herve Abdi's Webpage    Media Contact
Keywords psychology of memory, neural networks, statistics   
 Professional Preparation
 Ph.D.PsychologyUniversite de Bourgogne1988
 M.S.NeurologyUniversity Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg1977
 M.S.EconomicsUniversity of Clermond-Ferrand1976
 M.S.PsychologyUniversity of Franche-Comté1975
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Research Interests
My research is organized around three areas: psychology of memory, neural networks, and statistics. The psychology of memory research is mainly directed toward the modeling of long term semantic memory (e.g., scripts, schema, concepts) and memory for faces. The neural networks research is directed at finding a generalization of auto-associative networks and to the analysis of the statistical properties of connectionist models. My work with statistics is oriented towards two domains: analysis of variance (experimental design) and analysis of qualitative data (correspondence analysis, additive tree analysis).
  • Face processing and computational models of face processing.
  • Neural networks.
  • Computational and statistical models of cognitive processes (especially memory and learning).
  • Experimental design.
  • Multivariate statistical analysis (including simple and multiple correspondence analysis, PLS regression, STATIS, multiple factor analysis. etc.).
  • Statistical analysis of brain imaging data.
  • Olfaction, smell, taste, flavor, etc.
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Beaton, D., Chin Fatt C.R., & Abdi, H. (in press, 2014). An ExPosition of multivariate analysis with the Singular Value Decomposition in R. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis .
Jerger, S., Damian, M.F., Mills, C., Bartlett, J., Tye-Murray, N., & Abdi, H. (in press, 2012).  Effects of perceptual load on semantic acces by speech in children. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research55.
Magazine/newsletter articles
Bécu, J.M., Pelé, J., Rodien, P., Abdi, H., & Chabbert, M. (in press, 2012). Structural evolution of G-protein-coupled receptors: A sequence space approach. In: P. M. Conn, (Ed.), Methods in Enzymology: G Protein Coupled Receptors. New York: Academic Press. pp. 49-66.
Book chapters
Abdi, H., & Williams, L.J. (in press, 2012). Partial least squares methods: Partial least squares correlation and partial least square regression. In: B. Reisfeld & A. Mayeno (Eds.), Methods in Molecular Biology: Computational Toxicology. New York: Springer Verlag. pp. 549-579.
Book chapters
Connolly, A., Guntupalli, J.S., Gors, G., Hanke, M., Halchenko, Y., Wu, Y.C., Abdi, H., & Haxby, J.V. (2012). Representation of biological classes in the human brain. Journal of Neuroscience32, 2606-2618.
Magazine/newsletter articles
Collapse Section Expand Section Affiliations
Current Ph.D. Students
• Maneesha Bendkhale
• Joseph Dunlop
• Marsha Neville-Smith
• Nils Pénard
Some Former Ph.D. Students
• Lucile Chanquoy (now Professor at the Université de Nice, France)
• Patrick Lemaire (now Professor at the Université de Marseille, France).
• Dominique Valentin (now Associate Professor at the Université de Bourgogne a Dijon, France)
• Betty Edelman (now Senior Lecturer at UTD).
• Fan Yang (now Associate Professor at the Université de Bourgogne a Dijon, France)
• Mette Posamentier (now Faculty at UTSW).
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2001-PresentAdjunct Professor  University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center
1994-PresentProfessor  The University of Texas at Dallas
1989Associate Professor  The University of Texas at Dallas
1988Professor  Universite de Bourgogne
1986-1987Visiting Professor  Brown University
1983-1988Associate Professor  Universite de Bourgogne
1979-1983Assistant Professor  Universite de Besancon
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 Additional Information
Honors and Awards
Fullbright scholar (1986-1987). Center for Cognitive Sciences, Brown University, Providence, Rl., U.S.A.

Personal Statement

Hervé Abdi received an MS in Psychology from the University of Franche-Comté (France) in 1975, an MS (D.E.A.) in Economics from the University of Clermond-Ferrand (France) in 1976, an MS (D.E.A.) in Neurology from the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg (France) in 1977, and a PhD in Mathematical Psychology from the University of Aix-en-Provence (France) in 1980.

He was an assistant professor in the University of Franche-Comté (France) in 1979, an associate professor in the University of Bourgogne at Dijon (France) in 1983, a full professor in the University of Bourgogne at Dijon (France) in 1988. He is currently a full professor in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas and an adjunct professor of Radiology at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Dr. Abdi was a Fullbright scholar and visiting associate professor of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences at Brown University in 1986 and 1987; he has been, also, a visiting professor at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), Chuo University (Japan), Université de Dijon (France), Université de la Sorbonne (Paris), the "Conservatoire Nationale des Art et Métiers" (Paris) and the Rotman institute (Canada).

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