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Analog Technology Facility
Analog Technology Facility Focus is on Semiconductors with Advanced Scanning and Imaging capabilities.

This facility will bolster development of semiconductors that offer applications in everything from scanning people for weapons to monitoring air quality and enabling aircraft to operate more safely in poor weather conditions.

Early testing is already under way on silicon-based detectors for imaging applications.

The electronics characterization facility, which will be available to industrial and government institutions using a collaborative framework, will focus on the emerging field of millimeter- and submillimeter-wave semiconductor technology.

Director / Primary Contact : O, Kenneth Kyongyop, Professor-Electrical Engineering  Contact Number  972-883-5555  Email
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The first phase of the new facility will involve network and spectrum analysis as well as two-tone linearity and noise measurement capabilities up to 325 GHz. The facility will initially support research to make 77- to 81-GHz short-range radar integrated circuits affordable and study the feasibility for 180- to 300-GHz spectrometry in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology for security and healthcare applications.

CMOS is the integrated-circuit technology used to manufacture low-cost, high-volume semiconductors, including microprocessors, memory circuits and cellphone chips. In subsequent phases, Agilent Technologies and UT Dallas/TxACE are committed to expand the test capability into the 500-GHz region and above as applications for high-frequency analog circuits demand a shared high-performance testing facility.

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