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Image of  Frank Oliver Dufour
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Frank Oliver Dufour
Professor-Arts Tech And Comm
Office MailstopRoom No.: ATC3606 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-4129    URL Dufour Frank's Webpage    Media Contact
 Professional Preparation
 Ph.D.Science of Information and CommunicationUniversity of Paris VIII2004
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Sound Design |  Interactive and Digital Arts | Aesthetics of Digital Audiovisual Design | History of Contemporary Music | History of Electo-Acoustic Music

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  YearPublication  Type
Dufour Frank , “Approche écologique de la perception des dimensions temporelles de la musique et des arts”, Topics in Universals in Music, edited by Jean-Luc Leroy.  Paris: Edition des Archives Contemporaines (2012) 176-183
Category: Chapter in a book
Dufour Frank, Lee Dufour, Acoustic Shadows Interactive Audiovisual Installation, Center for the Creative Connections, Dallas Museum of Art (November 2011-April 2012)
Dufour Frank, Nancy Rebal, David Searcy, Wave-mechanical Aspects of Forgiveness Interactive Audiovisual Installation, Sonic Architectonic, Visual Arts Gallery, The University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas Texas (February 2012)
Peer reviewed
Dufour Frank, “Acoustic Shadows an Auditory exploration of the Sense of Space”, Sound Effects, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound experience.Volume 1. Aarhus University Press. Denmark. (August 2011)
Category: article in refereed journal
Dufour Frank, Hardee Gary, Zielke Marjorie, “Creating Micro-expressions and Nuanced Nonverbal Communication in Synthetic Cultural Characters and Environments”, Paper presented at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference, Orlando, Florida  (I/ITSEC) Nov 28- Dec 1 2011)
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
01/23/2013  Art and Technology: Representations of Time

Talk at the Dallas Contemporary.

  Acoustic Shadows |

Audiovisual Interactive Installation at the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Texas

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DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2006-2006Lecturer  University of Texas at Dallas
2006-PresentAssistant Professor  University of Texas at Dallas
2004-2005Assistant Professor  Université du Sud Toulon Var
2001-2003Program Coordinator  College of Design Art'Com, Casablanca, Morroco
2001-2003Translator and local advisor in Morocco  Brown, Vence and Associates, 20 Montgomery Street Suite 1000 San Francisco, CA 94104-4342 United States
1998-2000Assistant Professor  Université Paris XIII
1998-2000Lecturer  Université Paris XIII
1998-2000Instructor  Université Paris XIII
1992-1994Audio Productions Director and Founder  Cité de Mémoire, Paris, France
1992-1994Artistic Director for Audio Productions  French National Library
1991-1992Technical DirectorInstitut National de L'Audiovisuel Radio Broadcast Legal Deposit, Bry sur Mame, France
1985-1990Lecturer  University Paris V René Descartes, France
1983-1991Sound TechnicianInstitut National de L'Audiovisuel Maison de Radio France, Paris
 News Articles
Prof’s Exhibit Combines Art, Science and Technology
UT Dallas News Center
Using the ancient myth of Orpheus, video projection and three-dimensional sound, a UT Dallas professor is examining the relationship of sound to perception of movement in Acoustic Shadows, an Exploration of the Sense of Space.
Acoustic Shadows is an audio-visual immersive and interactive installation that depicts Orpheus surrounded by shadows of the underworld consumed by the shadow of his wife, Eurydice.
In the myth, the gifted and musical Orpheus travels to the underworld after his wife dies to beg Hades to allow his wife to return to earth. After violating a condition made by Hades, Orpheus loses his wife forever.Dr. Frank Dufour worked on the project with his wife, Kristin Lee Dufour, a creative art director and international consultant for visual communications.

ATEC Prof Stages Audiovisual Exhibit in France
UT Dallas News Center

With a new exhibition in France, Dr. Frank Dufour, assistant professor of sound design in UT Dallas’ Arts and Technology (ATEC) program, has officially gone global.
“Acoustic Shadows: An Exploration of Sense of Space” is an experimental interactive sound installation Dufour created alongside wife Kristin Lee through the entity Agency 5970. The piece is currently on display at The Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence, France. Dufour worked on the sound and music aspects, while his wife tackled the visual side.
Two ATEC graduate students have been working with the Dufours: PhD student Sherri Segovia as choreographer and graduate student Djakhangir Zakhidov as videographer.

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 Additional Information
Director of Audiovisual, Cite de memoire, 1992-94

Professional Recognitions, honors, memberships
  • [Member], [1990-1992], [Audio Engineering Society]
  • [Author of the Interactive Multimedia Fiction, Sale Temps, selected for the New Talents Pavillion], [February 1996], [MILIA, Cannes, France]
  • [Member and co-director], [2004-present], [Laboratory Musique et Informatique de Marseille, France]
  • [Member], [2007·Present], [American Society for Acoustic Ecology]
  • [Reviewer], [2007·Present], [The Leonardo Musical Journal]

Personal Statement

Frank Dufour has been employed as a sound technician at the Archives of the French National Radio for nine years, from 1983 to 1992. He was in charge of the restoration of historical recordings.

In 1992, he created one of the first all-digital recording studios in France specialized in digital sound restoration for audio publications and sound design for animation movies and video productions. The studio created the sound effects for the TV series The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Prince Valliant. As Multimedia Designer, he was one of the three authors of the first Hypermedia interactive narrative issued in France, a CD-ROM called "Sale temps," and has authored numerous interactive publications.

Frank Dufour's professional activities as a sound designer, and multimedia designer have always been coupled with teaching activities. His first position was at the University of Paris, René Descartes from 1985-1996, where he taught the History of Audiovisual Technologies. He has also taught at the Universities of Paris-Villetaneuse and Paris-Saint-Denis, and at the University du Sud Toulon Var as an Assistant Professor teaching Digital Sound Design and Hypermedia Design. Frank Dufour currently is a member of the laboratory "Musique et Informatique de Marseille" in which he is conducting researches on the concept of Time Icons and on the relations between music and visual expressions. This research project has two main applications. The first is dedicated to the visualization of music and explores the use of images and animations as a means to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of music -- conducted in relation with the Dallas International School. The second application is dedicated to the translation of images into sounds and music -- conducted in relation with the Dallas Museum of Art. Frank Dufour has also been involved in the "First Person Cultural Trainer" project developed for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and Joint Forces Command.

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