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Thomas H Brikowski
Associate Professor-Geosciences
Office MailstopFA 2.412, Room No.: ROC2301D 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-6242    Media Contact
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Edwards, Sharon C
 Professional Preparation
 Ph.D.GeologyUniversity of Arizona1987
 M.S.GeologyUniversity of Oregon1983
 B.S.GeologyCalifornia Institute of Technology1979
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Research Interests
Brikowski's Web Page

Research areas include the following:

  • climate change and its impact on water resources and health
  • quantitative models of hydrothermal/geothermal systems with emphasis on supercrtical fluid conditions and isotopic alteration-based model calibration

  • practical evaluation of potential contaminant transport and natural attenuation for the purpose of Wellhead Protection geophysical approaches toward remote sensing of soil moisture variations, with particular regard to civil engineering problems
  • application of water-rock chemical interaction to quantify ground-and surface-water flow system behavior quantitative evaluation and prediction of natural attenuation (degradation) of contaminants and viruses, including effects of microbial and rock-reaction processes

  • scientific visualization of three-dimensional (3-D), transient datasets (i.e. computer model results), emphasizing computer animation and 3-D graphical techniques (e.g. 3D hydrogeologic models)
  • improved methods for finite element analysis in fluid dynamics and chemical transport problems
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  YearPublication  Type
Brikowski, T. H., 2008. “Doomed Reservoirs in Kansas, USA? Climate Change and Groundwater Mining on the Great Plains Lead to Unsustainable Surface Water Storage”, J. Hydrol., 354(1-4):90-101, DOI 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2008.02.020
Brikowski, T. H., Faid, A. M., 2006. Pathline-Calibrated Groundwater Flow Models of Nile Valley Aquifers, Esna, Upper Egypt. J. Hydrology, 324(1-4): 195-209
Category: Journal of Hydrology
Peer reviewed
Brikowski, T. H., Smith, L. S., Shei, T.-C., Shreshtha, S. D., Neku, A., 2006. Electrical resistivity as a predictor of groundwater arsenic concentration in South Asia. Hydrogeology Journal, p. 14, (in review).
Category: Hydrogeology Journal
Peer reviewed
Shei, T-C and T. H. Brikowski, submitted 2006. Application of Surface Electrical Resistivity Surveys to Evaluate Sustainable Groundwater Extraction, Hays, Kansas, J. Hydrol., 18 pp.
Category: Journal of Hydrology
Peer reviewed
Brikowski, T. H., Smith, L. S., Shei, T.°™C., Shreshtha, S. D., 2005. Electrical resistivity as a predictor of groundwater arsenic concentration in South Asia. J. Nepal Geol. Soc., p. 8.
Category: Journal of Nepal Geological Society
Peer reviewed
Collapse Section Expand Section Presentations and Projects
Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
1998 1998 Three-Dimensional Visualization of Transport and Capture Zones in an Alluvial Aquifer, Hays, Kansas
Brikowski, T. H., 1998. Three-Dimensional Visualization of Transport and Capture Zones in an Alluvial Aquifer, Hays, Kansas, Source Water Protection '98, April 1998, Dallas, TX.
10/2005 10/2005 Electrical Resistivity Profiling to Delineate Low Groundwater Arsenic Target Zones in the Terai, Nawalparasi, Nepal
Brikowski, T.H., L. S. S. Smith, T.C. Shei and S. Shrestha, Oct. 2005. Geol. Soc. Amer. Abstracts w. Progr., Fall 2005 Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
1996-PresentAssociate ProfessorGeosciences Dept. The University of Texas at Dallas
1995-1996Assistant Research ProfessorWater Resources Center Desert Research Institute, Reno Nevada
1991-1996Associate Graduate Faculty  University of Nevada, Reno
1987-1991Associate Graduate Faculty  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1987-1993Assistant Research ProfessorWater Resources Center  Desert Research Institute, Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada
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 Additional Information
Thesis/Dissertations Chaired
  • Welch, M., M.S. in progress. Geochemical influence of a perched wetland, Heard Museum, Collin County, TX. Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas
  • Neku, A., Ph.D. in progress. Hydrogeology of shallow tubewell arsenic occurrence, Nepal. Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas
  • Kshattry, I., Ph.D., 2007. Modeling arsenic in the wells of Nepal. Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas
  • Shei, T.-C., Ph.D., 2007. Application of allostratigraphic and facies architecture concepts in hydrologic transport modeling, Hays, KS. Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas
  • Ramirez, E., M.S., 2002. Georeferenced Laser-Rangeiinding Observations of Streambank Migration, Trinity River watershed, Texas. Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas
  • Corbeanu, H., M.S., 2001. Landslide Monitoring, Simulation And Modeling Case Study:
  • Eastern Carpathian Mountains, Romania. Geosciences Dept., U. Texas-Dallas Gardner, G, M.S., 1993. Origin of elevated water levels in emplacement boreholes, Pahute Mesa, Nevada Test Site: A numerical model. Geology Dept., University of Nevada-Reno.
  • S.J. Haws, M.S., 1990. A cross-sectional model of permeability distribution and vertical flow at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Geosciences Dept., University of Nevada Las Vegas, 105 pp.

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