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Orlando Auciello
Professor-Material Science Engineering
Office MailstopRoom No.: RL3706 
Email Address    Primary Phone Number 972-883-4731    Media Contact
 Professional Preparation
 Ph.D.PhysicsNational University of Cuyo1976
 M.S.PhysicsNational University of Cuyo1973
  Electronic EngineeringNational University of Cordoba1970
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Research Areas

Auciello is directing several basic and applied research programs on different fields, namely:

1) Science and technology of multi-component oxide thin films and application to devices (ferroelectric memories, nanoscale CMOS devices, photovoltaic energy generation / storage devices, high-frequency devices, piezoelectric thin films for MEMS/NEMS devices (sensors and actuators);

2) Fundamental and applied science and technology of nanocarbon thin films: i) Novel ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) film, developed and patented by Auciello and colleagues ar Argonne National Lab, and application to multifunctional devices (RF MEMS/NEMS, electron field emitters, implantable biomedical devices (artificial retina to restore sight to people blinded by retina degeneration), biosensors, mechanical pump seals). The UNCD film technology is now commercialized by Advanced Diamond Technologies, a Company founded by Auciello and colleagues and spun-off from Argonne in 2003 (profitable in 2014), and Original Biomedical Implants  (OBI-USA, 2013-present) & OBI-México (2016-present) founded by Auciello and colleagues; ii) Science and Technology of graphene films.

3) R&D for Integration of multifunctional oxide and nanocarbon films for new generatioin of high-tech, micro/nanoelectronics and medical devices.

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  YearPublication  Type

“Material for Medical Use Comprising Nanoparticles with Super-Paramagnetic Properties and its Utillization in Surgery”, R. Zysler, A. Berra, P. Gurman, O. Auciello, M.J. Saravia, US Patent # 9,427,354 (2016).


“Nanocrystalline-Diamond/Carbon and Nanocrystalline-Diamond/ SiliconComposite Electrodes for Li-Based Batteries”, O Auciello, Y. Tzeng, C-P. Liu, C-K. Lin, Y-W Cheng, US Patent # 9,196,905 (2015).


O. Auciello, P. Gurman, M. B. Guglielmotti, D.G. Olmedo, A. Berra, M. J. Saravia, “Biocompatible Ultra-nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings for Implantable Medical Devices”, MRS Bulletin, vol 39, 621 (2014)

Peer reviewed

“Emerging Non-Volatile Memories”, S. Hong, O. Auciello, and D. Wouters (Eds), Springer, New York, Heidelbeerg Dordrecht, London (2014).


"Science and Technology of Multifunctional Thin Films", O. Auciello and R. Ramesh (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003-2010.

Collapse Section Expand Section Affiliations
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Vacuum Society
Materials Research Society
IEEE Society
The Planetary Society
Collapse Section Expand Section Appointments
DurationRankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2013-presentEndowed Chair Prof.MSEN-BMEN/Eng.EngnneeringU Texas-Dallas
2010-2012Distinguished FellowMaterials Science Argonne Nat.Lab
1996-2010Senior Res ScientistMaterials Science Argonne Nat.Lab
 Synergistic Activities
Industrial Entrepreneurial Activities
Auciello is Co-Founder, equity holder and investor-Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. This company was co-founded by O. Auciello and J.A. Carlisle  in 2003. This is a company spun-off from a National Laobratory to commercialize the ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) thin film technology developed and patented at Argonne. The founders were able to pioneer the first breakthrough model for spinning-off a company from a National Laboratory, whereby DOE approved that the founding scientist and Argonne have equity in the company. This activity started a new model for spinning-off companies from National Laboratories, and other companies were spun-off using the model pioneered by the Argonne scientists (2004-present)..
Aciello is Co-founder  (with Pablo Gurmand-MD) of Original Biomediccal Implants (OBI-USA, 2013 - present) and OBI-México (with Jose L. Rubio (MD), 2016-present)

Consulting and Plenary and Keynote talks at International Conferences
Auciello is consulant to Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc: Technology and commercialization of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films”(Co-Founderand consultant, 2004- present).
Auciello was consultant to Paratek, Inc, USA : Science and Technology of Thin Films for High-Frequency Devices, (2005-2008).
Auciello has been Plenary, Keynote, and Invited Speaker at National and International Conferences Invites Speaker at Institutions worldwide.

2016-presentThin Film High-K Dielectric Semiconductor Materials for Developmoent of IRFPAsARMY150,000Current
2015-presentDevelopment of Low Z Thin Film Stripper Foils for X-Ray WindowDOE107,000Current
2013-presentResearch and Development of Paramagnetic Centers in Diamond Films and Applications to a Broad Range of Sensors for Chemical Analysis and Medical Diagnostics, Bio-defense, Environmental monitoring, and Food SafetyNSF164,000Current
2014-2015Technology Transfer for Commercialization of Industrial, Electronic and Medical Device Products Based on a Patented Ultrananocrystalline Diamond CoatingNSF50,000Previous
2013-2014Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) Coating Technology for Integrated Electrode-Membrane-Inner Wall Coating of Case for Robust/Reliable Commercial Li-Sulfur BatteriesNSF150,000Previous
2013-2014Science and Technology for the Development of a New Generation of Implantable Drug Delivery Devices Based on a Novel Biocompatible Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) Film TechnologySamsung100,000Previous
2013-2014Science and Technology for RRAM Based on Correlated Electron Resistive Access Memories (CeRAM)”,Samsung100,000Previous
2013-2014Low Power NEMS-Switch Based Logic TechnologyDOE-BES Divisioin179,000Previous
2009-2012Low Power NEMS-Switch Based Logic Technology,DARPA4,100,000Previous
2010-2011Electron Field Mission from UNCD Surfaces for Space Exploration Mass SpectrometersNASA30,000Previous
2007-2010Science and Technology for Development of High-Sensitivity BiosensorsDOE-BES Division263,000Previous
2004-2010Co-Integration of Multi-functional Diamond MEMS Technology with High-Performance CMOS for DC to GHz Frequency ApplicationsDARPA5,200,000Previous
2002-2010A High Density Microelectronic-Tissue Hybrid Sensor for ImagingDOE-BER Division3,000,000Previous
2002-2008Science and Technology of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond for Mechanical Pump Seals ApplicationsDOE-OIT Division400,000Previous
2004-2007Quantum Computation with Electron Spins: Qubit Networks of Endohedral N in C60DOE-BES Division225,000Previous
2004-2007Biocompatibility of Ultra-nanocrystalline Diamond Thin FilmDOE-BES Division400,000Previous
2004-2007Fundamental and Applied Science of Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric-Diamond Hybrid Heterostructures for High-Performance MEMS/NEMS DevicesDOE-BES Division330,000Previous
2004-2006Fundamental and Applied Studies of Novel Intermetallic Thin Films for Lithium Ion Battery AnodesDOE-BES Divisioin180,000Previous
2004-2006Science and Technology of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films for Multifucntional MEMS/NEMS DevicesNSF1,300,000Previous
2003-2006Science and Technology of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Thin Films for Multifunctional MEMS/NEMS DevicesNSF-NIRT1,200,000Previous
2003-2006Nanostructured Biocomposite Materials for Energy Transduction,DOE-NSET Division3,533,000Previous
2003-2006Science and Technology of a New TiAlO Alloy Oxide and its Application to a New Generation of Integrated Circuit Gate DielectricDOE-BES Division100,000Previous
2001-2005Nanoscale Science of Perovskite Thin FilmsDOE-BES Division300,000Previous
2003-2004Evaluation of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) Thin Films as a Potential High Performance MEMS MaterialDARPA670,000Previous
2002-2004Surface Functionalization of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Thin FilmsDOE-BES Divisioin900,000Previous
2002-2004Derivatization of Ultrananocrystallie Diamond for Bioassays.DOE-BES Division160,000Previous
1998-2003High-Power Capacitors for Electronic PackagingDOE-OTT Division300,000Previous
1998-2003Frequency Agile Thin Film Materials for Integration into High Frequency DevicesDARPA1,200,000Previous
2001-2002Nanoscale Science of Ferroelectric Thin FilmsDOE-BES Divisioin75,000Previous
1999-2001Science and Technology of Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin Films and Applications to Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) and Micromechanical Assemblies (MMA)DOE-BES Division135,000Previous
1998-2000Science and Technology of Low-Work Function Coatings and LIGA-Type Fabrication Methods and Their Integration in Structures for Field Emission Flat Panel DisplaysDOE-BES Division150,000Previous
1996-2000Development of Low Voltage Field Emitter Cathodes with Enhanced Electron Emission Coatings for Flat Panel DisplaysDARPA341,000Previous
1998-1999Energy Storage in Ceramic-Based UltracapacitorsDOE-BES Division300,000Previous
1997-1998Piezoelectric Films for Integration Into Actuators for Fiber Optic AlignmentDARPA45,000Previous
1996-1998Integrated Ion Beam Sputter-Deposition/Time-of-Flight Ion Scattering and Direct Recoil Spectroscopy-Ellipsometer System for In Situ, Real-Time Characterization of Film Growth ProcessesONR310,000Previous
1995-1998Development and Application of In Situ, Real-Time and Ex Situ Characterization Techniques to Study the Growth of High Temperature Superconducting Thin Films and Heterostructure InterfacesNSF-ONR510,000Previous
1993-1996Ferroelectric Thin Films: Long Term Properties and Manufacturability IssuesARPA380,000Previous
1991-1995Synthesis of Electro-optic Thin Films on Semiconductors and Demonstration of DevicesONR550,000Previous
1990-1993Studies of Microstructures of Electro-Optic and Ferroelectric Thin Films Produced by Ion Beam Sputter-DepositionDARPA528,000Previous
 News Articles
Diamond Film May Enable Critical New Sensors For Bioterror

(2002) The Diamond Film (ultrananocrystalline diamond) developed by Auciello and colleagues may enable critical new sensors for bioterror

Argonne a ray of hope in fight to restore sight ; The quest to restore partial vision to those blinded by disease is being advanced with the use of a microscopic crystalline substance

(2002) The Artificial Retina Project funded by DOE-BER Division was selected at the #1 Science Achievement for DOE in 2002. This Project and our role in it was featured is several press releases and newspapers.

The work at Argonne by Dr. Auciello's group contributes to the DOE program, which is a ray of hope in fight to restore sight; The quest to restore partial vision to those blinded by disease is being advanced with the use of a microscopic crystalline substance(ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) coating to encapsulate a microchip imllantable inside the eye to restore partial vision to people blind by retinitis picmentosa

Argonne a ray of hope in fight to restore sight; The quest to restore partial vision to those blinded by disease is being advanced with the use of a microscopic crystalline substance

(2003) Argonne a ray of hope in fight to restore sight; The quest to restore partial vision to those blinded by disease is being advanced with the use of a microscopic crystalline substance  

Dr. Auciello makes mayor contribution to the deveopment of an artifical retina to restore partial sight to people blind by retinitis picmentosa.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Could Give Medical Implants New Shine

(2014) KERA (associated to National Public Radio) broadcast on January 8, 2014 (8:20 and  6:20 pm): For the past decade, UTD professor Orlando Auciello has been obsessed with growing diamonds. But instead of trying to create the biggest gem possible, he’s been trying to craft the thinnest possible layer of diamond. This thin coating could advance everything from hip implants to hydraulic pumps

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 Additional Information
Professional Activities
Scienific Societies Positions
  • Elected Vice President (2012), President (2013), and Past President (2014) of the Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Elected Councilor of the MRS (2000-2003)
  • Co-Chair International Relations Committee (MRS-USA) (2003-2010)
Journals Editorship
  • Associate Editor, Applied Physics Letters (2000-present)
  • Associate Editor, Integrated Ferroelectrics (1997-present)
  • Member Editorial Board, Vacuum (1994-2010)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Materials Research (MRS-USA) (2002-2010)
  • Member Editorial Board, MRS Bulletin 1998.
  • Member of the first annual MRS Bulletin organizing board (MRS, 1998).
Books and Books Series Editorship
  • Editor Book Series (Academic Press): "Science and Technology of Multifunctional Thin Films",O. Auciello and R. Ramesh (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003-present.
  • Editor Book Series (Academic Press): "Plasma-Materials Interaction", O. Auciello and D.L. Flamm (Eds.), Academic Press, 1988-1996.
  • Books Edited: 19
  • Permanent Co-Chair of the International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (2004-present)

  • 2010 Named Argonne Distinguished Fellow 
  • 2009 Elected Fellow of the Materials Research Society
  • Elected Fellow of the AAAS
  • R&D Editors’ Choice Top 100 Award selected among all 100 Awards given in 2009, for development of an artificial retina to restore sight to people blinded by retina degeneration
  • R&D 100 Award, for development of an artificial retina to restore sight to people blinded by retina degeneration
  • 2008 University of Chicago Distinguished Performance Award
  • R&D 100 Award (2008): for breakthrough commercialization of ultrananocrystalline diamond-coated mechanical pump seals
  • 2007 Prof. “Honoris Causa” of National University of Cordoba-Argentina
  • 2006 Federal Laboratory Consortium Award: for breakthrough transfer of ultra-nanocrystallilne diamond film technology from a national laboratory to the market
  • 2003 Hispanic Engineering National Achievement Award R&D 100 Award (2003): for development of large area ultrananocrystalline diamond UNCD)/IPLAS technology developed
  • 2000 International Symposium of Integrated Ferroelectrics Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 1998 Materials Research Society Recognition, for outstanding contributions to the MRS as one of the first three members of the MRS Bulletin Volume Organizer Team (1998).
  • 1997 DOE-BES Award, for Significant Implication for Department of Energy Related Technologies.
  • Argonne National Laboratory Year Award, for outstanding research on ferroelectric thin films and coatings for field emission devices.
  • 1995 R. Bunshah Award (American Vacuum Society), for work on "In Situ, Real-Time Characterization of Film Growth Processes Using a Novel Time-of-Flight Ion Beam Surface Analysis Technique"

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